We work with Getrealluxury.com on all our campaigns that involve the
promotion of luxury products and services. By cooperating with them we have
access to a growing email list which numbers well over 25,000 double opt in
subscribers and somewhere north of 200,000 followers on social media. These
people want your to hear about the latest fashions, products, watches and
vacations in the world of luxury. If you visit Getrealluxury.com you will
see that the site has some solid writers who understand the luxury
space. They have written on everything from luxury watches to diamonds.
Their writers have reviewed the latest offerings from Cartier and Rolex as
well as the newest pieces at DeBeers. The writers will play a huge part in
communicating your message to the public. We like the luxury sector and we
can quote a price for a promotional campaign for any segment of that space.
Please email us @ contact@528marketing.com if you would like to work with
us to market your luxury products or services.