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We offer a complete investor relations program for only $999 USD a month.
There is one month minimum. If you sign up for three months – from day one
– we offer a rebate and we charge $2500 USD for 3 months. If you choose to
sign up for 6 month – right out of the gate – we can do the six months for
$4000 USD. Our group of sites have a mailing list of 35,000 people and we
also have over 250,000 followers across all our social media platforms. If
you want to speak to us about setting up a cost-effective IR program for
you – please email us @ contact@528marketing.com. You can also reach us on
our IR #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528ir. Once we get your
message someone will call you back from our team within 24-48 hours. In the
meantime – please enjoy this #YouTube video on the benefits of a proper
investor relations program.

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Our team is always on the lookout for great #cannabis and #vape products
which we can distribute through our C Store connections. We have reach
through the US, Canada and most of Europe. 528Marketing has contacts within
the #cannabis and vape industries which vet the products we choose to
represent – so we only represent the best. If you are a cannabis or vape
startup with a great product we want to hear from you. You can direct your
questions to us – by email @ contact@528marketing.com. You can also reach
us on our #cannabis #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528canna or on
#vape #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528vape. In the meantime enjoy
this YouTube video from RAW. We are looking to represent the next RAW and
that could be you.

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Social Media Examiner – Head And Shoulders Above The Competition

Socialmouths and Search Engine Land are two great online magazines which are chock full of great social media tips but the king of social media advice on the net is definitely Social Media Examiner. The site which is owned by Michael Stelzner is a social media resource which is head and shoulders above the competition. I have used it in the past and found great pieces on social media tools like Zemanta and Jooicer. We encourage all our readers to visit Stelzner’s site on a regular basis. They publish insightful articles from leaders in the social media space a couple times a week. If you follow his advice you are likely to see a marked improvement in the ranking of your website or blog. We hope you enjoy the YouTube video (below) and we encourage everyone to share it with their friends who are interested in turbo charging their social media skills.

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