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Our team is always on the lookout for great #cannabis and #vape products
which we can distribute through our C Store connections. We have reach
through the US, Canada and most of Europe. 528Marketing has contacts within
the #cannabis and vape industries which vet the products we choose to
represent – so we only represent the best. If you are a cannabis or vape
startup with a great product we want to hear from you. You can direct your
questions to us – by email @ contact@528marketing.com. You can also reach
us on our #cannabis #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528canna or on
#vape #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528vape. In the meantime enjoy
this YouTube video from RAW. We are looking to represent the next RAW and
that could be you.

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@growproscanada Joins the 528Marketing.com Family

As our readers know – the 528Marketing.com team is very familiar with the medical marijuana industry and the cannabis business as a whole. The market for marijuana both medical and recreational is evolving quickly on both sides of the border (in Canada and the US). Some public cannabis companies in the US have been the subject of SEC investigations since management of the targeted companies are more interested in selling stock to buy sports cars than they are in making profits for shareholders. If investors are interested in buying into cannabis companies they would be better served to investigate opportunities in – the great white north – Canada. We are fortunate to be doing the social media work for one such company – Grow Pros. You can find Grow Pros @ www.growpros.ca and on their Twitter handle @growproscanada. In the next few weeks we will be introducing the company to the cannabis community through a series of interviews on blogs and traditional media. This is going to be an interesting time for shareholders of Growpros.ca so keep an eye out on Google for the company’s PR campaign starting soon.

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