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Our team is based in Dublin, Ireland and we happy to be offering special
social media campaigns for Irish businesses. We want to help you promote
your Dublin based business or your business based anywhere else in Ireland.
For these kind of campaigns we work with Getrealirishtours.com. They have
an extensive social media presence which includes the following Twitter

https://twitter.com/bestpubsindub (#bestpubsindub)
https://twitter.com/besteatsindub (#besteatsindub)
https://twitter.com/besthotelsindub (#besthotelsindub)
https://twitter.com/besttoursindub (#besttoursindub)

If you would like us to work on promoting your Dublin based business or
your business anywhere else in Ireland – please email us @
contact@528marketing.com. In the meantime – please enjoy this very cool
YouTube video about Dublin – one of Europe’s great cities.

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We Can Deliver immediate Results

The world of social media marketing is full of tools but no is quite as useful as Twitter. This direct link to millions and millions of consumers is heads and shoulders above LinkedIn and Facebook for direct marketing. Our team has 40+ Twitter platforms targeting different industries including travel, cannabis, vaporizers and mining. With this kind of targeting we can deliver immediate results for any client who hires us. We are always looking for clients who need a helping hand with their social media marketing. Our team is located in Dublin, Ireland and is available 24X7 If you would like to speak with one of reps about your online marketing needs – please email us @ contact@528marketing.com. You can also reach us on our Twitter handle @ 528Marketing.

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Promoting Tours, Bars And Restaurants Across The Emerald Isle

Travelers to Ireland want to see things that they think are typically Irish. To find Irish things they ask friend but more often then not they go to the internet and to social media sites like YouTube. This YouTube video shot by Tourism Ireland was filmed at The Baggott Inn. It features the well known Irish classic known as The Irish Coffee. Most North American visitors to Ireland are familiar with The Irish Coffee but this is only a small part of their knowledge base when it comes to our beautiful country. The marketing team from our organization has a ton of experience promoting tours, bars and restaurants across The Emerald Isle. We make sure that tourists know about you before they arrive here and while they are on tour
(from Dublin to Belfast). Our team is well equipped to market you business on Twitter with our handles that include @528Dublin and @528Marketing. Overall we reach 200,000 people (across the world) on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Our team is located in Dublin so please do not hesitate to reach to us by email @ contact@528marketing.com – if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your marketing plan.

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