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The vending machine business continues to boom in Canada in cities like
Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. People always have money for a
coffee, pop, sandwich or gumball and often make these purchases on impulse
– from vending machines in office buildings, bus stops and gyms. If you own
a vending machine and want a great location you can reach out to us and we
will get that very special location to satisfy your needs. If you want a
vending location for your business – you can also drop us an email @
contact@528marketing.com. Our turn around can be as quick as needed. Our
locator work according to your needs and we pride ourselves on getting
locations that make money for both the machine owner and the location
owner. If you can’t to reach us on Twitter – please feel free to leave us a
message @ https://twitter.com/528marketing.

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Our team is based in Dublin, Ireland and we happy to be offering special
social media campaigns for Irish businesses. We want to help you promote
your Dublin based business or your business based anywhere else in Ireland.
For these kind of campaigns we work with Getrealirishtours.com. They have
an extensive social media presence which includes the following Twitter

https://twitter.com/bestpubsindub (#bestpubsindub)
https://twitter.com/besteatsindub (#besteatsindub)
https://twitter.com/besthotelsindub (#besthotelsindub)
https://twitter.com/besttoursindub (#besttoursindub)

If you would like us to work on promoting your Dublin based business or
your business anywhere else in Ireland – please email us @
contact@528marketing.com. In the meantime – please enjoy this very cool
YouTube video about Dublin – one of Europe’s great cities.

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#Instagram Needs An Overhaul Says Kanye West

It appears that the circle has finally come all the way around. Celebrities who were created by social media (platforms and followers) now think they know better. Kanye West made headlines across the business and entertainment world this week when he suggested that Instagram needed an overhaul – and that he would be the perfect man to engineer the redesign. His second guessing of the big boys @ Instagram is curious given that social media has enhanced the rap mogul’s notoriety (on more than one occasion) and created his wife’s (Kim Kardashian) persona from the ground up. It is safe to say that they were both made rich and famous by social media attention and now they are bigger than the machine which created them. The slight of Instagram by Kanye is a PR nightmare for the bright people behind the scenes at Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) but it is a lesson for all of us. It is imperative that everyone keep up to date with the latest tools in the social media sector. You don’t want to be heavily invested in terms of time and effort in Instagram when the world’s most famous rapper calls it crowded and cluttered. It is imperative that your social media presence be broad based (across multiple platforms) and that you keep adding new tools when needed. If you would like to talk to one of our representatives about your social media needs – email us @ contact@528marketing.com

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