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We offer a complete investor relations program for only $999 USD a month.
There is one month minimum. If you sign up for three months – from day one
– we offer a rebate and we charge $2500 USD for 3 months. If you choose to
sign up for 6 month – right out of the gate – we can do the six months for
$4000 USD. Our group of sites have a mailing list of 35,000 people and we
also have over 250,000 followers across all our social media platforms. If
you want to speak to us about setting up a cost-effective IR program for
you – please email us @ contact@528marketing.com. You can also reach us on
our IR #Twitter handle @ https://twitter.com/528ir. Once we get your
message someone will call you back from our team within 24-48 hours. In the
meantime – please enjoy this #YouTube video on the benefits of a proper
investor relations program.

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Be Just Like Subaru

Developing a proper theme for your (video) advertising campaign is key to commercial success. You can achieve this – even if you are just a small brand or an upcoming player in your field. Small companies often draw their inspiration from big players. Apple, Jetta and Wendy’s have all had huge successes with traditional media campaigns but in the new world of social media you need your campaign to jump the digital divide and go viral on the internet. YouTube is the one place on the net that can tell you if you have succeeded in delivering a good message. Social media users love videos. They don’t seem to want to read anymore and you (as a company) cannot ignore this disturbing trend.

Likes and retweets of YouTube channel videos should be part of every company’s advertising strategy. A great example of viral adverting is this campaign from Subaru. If you would like our team to work with your company to develop a campaign like Subaru’s – please email us @ contact@528marketing.com.

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